What is book value in accounting?

Answer Book value is an asset's total cost minus the asset's accumulated depreciation over time. For instance, if you're the bookkeeper for a farm, in the general ledger account under "Tractor" you would ... Read More »

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Future Value Calculation in Accounting?

Much of finance is about the study of cash flows. Cash flows are the lifeblood of most for-profit institutions. Even profitable organizations need a steady stream of short-term capital in order to ... Read More »

What is the book value of debt?

The book value of debt refers to the amount of debt that a firm owes as stated in its latest financial statements. It is often contrasted to the market value of debt, which is the actual amount of ... Read More »

What is the book value of a share?

Book value per share gives an indication of the risk associated with a stock and whether it is undervalued or overvalued. A shareholder can also use the book value of a share to determine what they... Read More »

What is the blue book value of a toyota tercel?

The Kelley Blue Book value for any car depends on a number of factors, including the car’s year, mileage, condition and features. A 1997 (latest model) Toyota Tercel with very low mileage, in exc... Read More »