Does anyone really want to know what bologna is made of?

Answer I think the real question isn't about what is in bologna-- the question is whether ignorance is bliss.. the bologna is just a metaphor. Personally, I believe that ignorance is not bliss... tha... Read More »

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The Difference in Ring Bologna & Bologna?

Bologna is a sausage with diverse applications in the kitchen. The meat comes in several varieties, including traditional 16-inch links and in rings. Beyond their packaging differences, both bologn... Read More »

What is ring bologna?

Ring bologna is a processed meat snack popular with the Pennsylvania Dutch. Typically, it is made from a combination of beef and pork.GeographyRing bologna is most often sold in Pennsylvania, and i... Read More »

My friend thinks you prouncounce bologna, ba-lo-ga-na. But I say its ba-lon-e. What is it really?

It's spelled bo-lo-g-na but it's pronounced "balloney".

Homemade Ring Bologna?

Ring bologna is a comfort food staple in many households, but can be hard to find in the supermarket in certain parts of the country. For those people craving the delicacies of their youth, ring bo... Read More »