What is body disfunctionMy mother is suffering from nerve problems and pains at the joints ,she is not able?

Answer "Disfunction" (spelled "dysfunction") simply means "not working properly".I might be able to help, but I'd need a lot more detail.I'm a homoeopath and nutritionist. You can email me.What were the ... Read More »

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My wife is suffering from severe abdominal pains in the lower left hand side of her body...what is this?

If it is severe then you should take her to the hospital where it can be diagnosed properly...;

If a person is suffering from loneliness and his mother tells him that he can't depend on other people to cheer him up and that he has to do it himself is his mother helping?

Answer Well, she's trying to and what she says is essentially true, but it might not sound nice to hear. She could encourage him to join a club of some kind and get out more. That way, he'd be m... Read More »

Suffering from severe chest pains for a week now, doctors cant help can you?

Stuff pass the GP's and get yourself to A and E now. Say something like, it has got worse over the last hour or so, anything. You need to be seen and scanned. I have to say two things im... Read More »

Pain management CTR Surgery been 5months stiil get pains plus have pinch nerve in my neck what can i do 4pain?

It sounds like they only addressed half the problem. It's very kind of them to do the carpal tunnel release, but if you are still suffering radating pain down the arm the job is only half done. It ... Read More »