What is bluegrass music?

Answer Bluegrass is a form of music that originated in the United States. It is a type of country music, influenced by immigrants from the United Kingdom and slaves from Africa. Today, bluegrass music is ... Read More »

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How to Fit In at a Bluegrass Festival?

So, you've acquired an instrument, a knowledge and love of bluegrass music, and a reasonable ability to improvise. You're about to head out to a bluegrass festival. What do you do when you get there?

How do I mix fescue& bluegrass?

CalculationsDetermine proportions desired for seeding. Typical applications use 80:20 fescue to bluegrass. Shadier areas or more dry areas may desire higher fescue (up to 50:50), according to the U... Read More »

How to Water Kentucky Bluegrass?

Kentucky Bluegrass is a hearty variety of lawn grass that can withstand colder temperatures and some heat, though the grass has a tendency to fall dormant during drought or under exceptionally hot ... Read More »

What color is Kentucky bluegrass?

Kentucky bluegrass ranges in color from bright green to deep blue-green. The boat-shaped leaf tip makes this species unique from other grass types, and it grows in multiples of three or four on a s... Read More »