Can you add blue tooth to a mp3 player that has not blue tooth capabilities?

Answer yes, blu-ray discs are scratch proof, they can last way longer than dvds. but blu-ray discs can fingerprint.

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What is "BLUE TOOTH" and "BLUE RAY"?

Bluetooth is a form od connection between devices using radio waves - think of it as wireless for your computer, cellphone or any other device that needs to connect - been around a couple of years ... Read More »

What the hell is a blue tooth anyway?

well bluethooth is the wireless technology that is use on phones when you are driving to keep you form being on the phone is the think that alot of people use that look like a headset but on one si... Read More »

What mp3 players are blue tooth compatible?

Because you haven't properly energized it. Shake it and throw it against the wall to recharge the "loading time" capacitors.

What do you use ftp server setting in blue tooth menu for?

You use FTP to transfer files quick and easily from, for example, phone to computer