What is blue litmus paper used for?

Answer Blue litmus paper is used to test the pH of different solutions. If the blue litmus paper turns red, this indicates that the solution is acidic and rates below a 7.0 on the pH scale. If the solutio... Read More »

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How does blue&red litmus paper work?

Litmus papers are used to test the acidity and baseness of liquid substances. They are commonly used in science classes during demonstrations on the subject.Litmus PaperBefore it is used, litmus pa... Read More »

What substances turn red litmus paper blue?

Red litmus paper turns blue when it is exposed to any substance with an alkalinity higher than 7 on the pH scale. These substances are known as "bases." Some examples of bases are ammonia, baking s... Read More »

What color do acids turn blue litmus paper?

Blue litmus paper will turn red or pink when it comes into contact with an acid. Whether the paper will be red or pink is determined by the strength of the acid solution. The stronger the acid solu... Read More »

Does cabbage juice turn red litmus paper blue?

Yes, cabbage juice turns red litmus paper blue when the solution is not acidic or base. If the cabbage juice turns red litmus paper red, then the solution is acidic. Cabbage juice is an alternative... Read More »