What is blu ray 1080 needed?

Answer The PS3 was designed for HDTVs and only works on a standard 480i TV. It does not give you the performance of the PS3 on a HDTV with 1080p and now the top 3D HDTVs offer the best video capability. T... Read More »

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What is 1080 in LCD HD televisions?

In the world of liquid crystal display TVs, the term 1080 refers to the number of lines of resolution in the picture on the screen, the highest number currently available in this generation of high... Read More »

What is the cheapest 1080 HP camcorder?

This camcorder is far from traditional when it comes to taking eye-popping video in stereo 1080p Full HD complete with Electronic Image Stabilization. It's great for those times when you're in moti... Read More »

What is 1080 pixel resolution on an HD TV?

What does 1080 i refer to?

1080 vertical lines of resolution, but the i stands for interlaced, as opposed to p which stands for progressive. The difference is that interlaced updates odd lines, then even lines alternately. ... Read More »