What can cause my dog to have bloody diarrhea?

Answer Witnessing a pet suffering from bloody diarrhea can be a very frightening situation for pet owners. A number of conditions and circumstances can cause this symptom, some of which are considered qui... Read More »

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I want the bloody truth!!!!?

Long, thin, needles with formula to numb the pain go straight into the gum line, stitches, a little elbow grease from the doc, and wisdom teeth. You'll probably hear the doc pulling the... Read More »

How to Find Bloody GIR?

So you have heard of Bloody GIR, but don't know how to find him? Here are some ideas.


Garbage disposals are full of germs. Even if you didn't lose pieces of your fingers, and/or you don't need stitches, you are best off having it cleaned up at the hospital. Get there whichever way... Read More »

Why am I all bloody on the inside?