What is blood acidosis?

Answer Normal acidic levels in a person's blood help guarantee that the natural processes that occur in the living organism work properly, and that the right amount of oxygen is getting delivered to the b... Read More »

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What is diabetic acidosis?

Diabetic acidosis, also known as ketoacidosis, is a condition in which the blood contains a toxic level of glucose, usually occurring when the sufferer is not producing or using a proper level of i... Read More »

What is chronic metabolic acidosis?

Chronic metabolic acidosis is a condition that can be caused by an abnormal metabolism, or by the ingestion of certain substances. Those that suffer from Type I diabetes, may produce increased amou... Read More »

What is the difference between metabolic acidosis&respiratory alkalosis?

Metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis are two separate disorders marked by alterations of the pH balance in the bloodstream. In some cases, the presence of metabolic acidosis can cause the o... Read More »

Proximal renal acidosis?