What is blended malware?

Answer Malware, which means malicious software, is one of the biggest security threats to PC users. Particularly dangerous is blended malware.One Piece of MalwareAccording to Trend Micro, blended malware ... Read More »

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What causes a program to be labeled malware What are some main characteristics of malware?

Malware, being a pretty new term has many different definitions. Although, I use the term to mean any malicious software on a computer (this seems reasonably consistent with much of the computing w... Read More »

Malware removal, i tried scanning with anti -malware programme but it didn't help?

This is a browser Hijacking.A pain but not overly difficult to remove.Follow the instructions at the link below and you should be OK.I just the hijack. SpyBot Search and Destroy caught it a... Read More »

What is blended grass seed?

Choosing the right seed for your lawn can be a difficult process. There are many species of grass on the market today, and blended seeds are becoming more popular.FunctionBlended grass seeds are pl... Read More »

What is a blended interest rate?

When parts of a loan are charged or earning different interest rates, the resulting total interest rate is known as a blended interest rate.TypesMortgages and high yield savings accounts often use ... Read More »