Tell me the full method,not just blah-blah-blah-blah!?

Answer Oh you are so.

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Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just tell me answers don't say I shouldn't you'd be wasting your time!?

Cool deal! you tell them! I hate those long answers! But with that diet you will die. Good luck

Is chase website down (cant log in, getting a something something undergoing maintanance blah blah)?

Yelp they are down.The problem is with one of their servers ,They carry a lot of secure transaction every minute of every day ..And one of the Sun server computers kind of got locked up and in the ... Read More »

Moms And Tattoos, Blah, Blah?

I must be a wild one. I got both and never asked my mom.I have a huge dragon on my back....which is looking rather dated these days....he is an 80's dragon. My Honda Night Hawk is old too....I real... Read More »

How tall are you.. (blah blah blah)?

Your height is below average but still very normal. Hopefully you will grow a bit more but in most cases any further growth after 15 is likely to be insignificant but there are, of course, always ... Read More »