Why did the CIA enlist Blackwater USA to do ground work when the Amercan military is more than capable to do the stuff blackwater did?

Answer Many reasons. Blackwater, now known as Xe, was contracted because they are probably the closest thing to the U.S military that could be privately contracted, they are highly trained and very skillf... Read More »

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What is the current name of the company formerly known as Blackwater?

Are Triple Canopy& Blackwater related?

No. Although Triple Canopy, Inc. and Blackwater Worldwide (now called Xe Services LLC) are American-based private military companies (PMCs), they are separate entities. Both Triple Canopy and Black... Read More »

How to Use Rock Salt to Keep Blackwater Tanks From Freezing?

Black water tanks in travel trailers and RV's, which store organic waste from toilets, require winterizing during freezing temperatures. Winterizing a black water tank reduces the likelihood of fai... Read More »

Im a foreign citizen can you join the blackwater security forces?

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