What is blackboard chalk made of?

Answer In the past, blackboard chalk was derived from a sedimentary rock, named chalk, which consisted mostly of calcium carbonate. Today, gypsum is the preferred material for blackboard chalk, as it is m... Read More »

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Who invented blackboard chalk?

Chalk is a naturally occurring compound known as calcium carbonate. James Pillans, a Scotsman, is commonly cited as inventing both colored chalk and the blackboard. A teacher at West Point Militar... Read More »

Chemical Composition of Blackboard Chalk?

Chalk is a finely grained, easy pulverized and porous sedimentary rock that is used in a variety of products such as putty, plaster, cement, quicklime, mortar and rubber goods, in addition to black... Read More »

What is chalkboard chalk made of?

Chalkboard chalk consists of chalk--calcium carbonate--combined with water and clay binder. The chalk is ground to a fine powder, mixed with water and binder, then squeeze through a long, narrow fo... Read More »

Are chalk and dust cravings normal while pregnant and is it safe to eat chalk?

Cravings for non-food things (chalk, dirt, tin foil, that sort of thing) is called Pica. It can occur from a nutritional deficiency, and for other reasons.You should contact your doctor or midwife ... Read More »