What is black spinel?

Answer Spinel is a rare gem. Depending on the elements a spinel contains, such as iron, zinc, magnesium or chromium, the color of a spinel will vary. Black spinel is one of the few gems on the market that... Read More »

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What Is the Value of Red Spinel?

Like all gemstones, the value of red spinel (often called ruby spinel), depends upon clarity, color, rarity, cut and size. Red spinels also present some other factors when determining their market ... Read More »

On my iTouch there is a black rectangle squarish black spot...does anyone know what it is And what it is for PLEASE tell me SOON?

It's a faulty pixel on the LCD screen matrix. Very common. Can be denied as a fault by many manufacturers of LCD screens and referred to instead as a "screen feature", thus allowing for warrantees ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Djarum black and Marlboro black menthol?

Djarum Black is a clove cigarette,it is a very well known world-wide brand.The cigarette is rolled with black,flavored paper. The cigarette features a clove flavor both in smell and taste,and the p... Read More »