What is biting me at night Please help!?

Answer They're bed bugs. My friend had these at his house and would come to school with red bumps ALL over his arms. You can't see or find them in the morning because the live in the walls and come out at... Read More »

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How to stop biting my cheek Please help!!?

I unconsciously bite the inside of my cheek all the time during the day. What I do to stop is chew gum. For nighttime, you could try to find a mouth guard to wear.

Lip biting problem, need help now!!! please!!!?

Use Blistex often. Apply it as much as possible. Not only will it heal the damage but it also tastes terrible so you will not be wanting to bite them while wearing it.

My homemade cottage pie from last night has been in cold oven over night can I reheat it today help please?

How do I stop biting/picking my lips and biting the inside of my mouth Help!?

Set up a lot of hot dates with people you'd want to make out with. That should give you the motivation to quit.... no one wants to kiss someone with scabby, dry, peeling lips!