What Is Bisque Soup?

Answer Typically made from seafood, bisque has changed around the world to include many different types of ingredients. Started in France, many high end restaurants serve a bisque soup because it has a ri... Read More »

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What is a bisque doll?

A bisque doll is one whose head is made of unglazed, matte-surface ceramic or biscuit porcelain, which resembles human skin more than glazed porcelain. Bisque dolls, with their realistic features, ... Read More »

What utensil do you use to eat lobster bisque?

Lobster bisque is a thick, rich soup and should be eaten with a soup spoon. When the soup is not served with a soup spoon, look to the utensils to the right of your plate. The soup spoon will be th... Read More »

What makes a soup a bisque?

Traditionally, a bisque is a soup made from crustaceans, such as shrimp, crayfish or lobster. The shells of the crustaceans, rather than the actual meat, give the bisque its flavor and body.Making ... Read More »

What side dishes go with shrimp bisque?

On One Hand: Keep It Cool and LightAccording to, shrimp bisque is "thick and tangy, wonderfully satisfying as lunch with a salad or sandwich." Mix together a light, tangy salad to acco... Read More »