What is bird seed?

Answer Bird seed is either a prepared food or a naturally occurring food eaten by birds. When most people think of "bird seed," they usually think of the kind of seed purchased in supermarkets and garden... Read More »

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What is a red capsicum for bird seed?

Capsicum refers to the botanical genus for pepper plants. Red capsicums are sometimes used in bird food since birds have no problem with the peppers, but they can deter squirrels from eating the s... Read More »

What is a bird seed that pigeons won't eat?

Pigeons are known for their big appetite for just about everything, and bird seed is no exception. There isn't a specific bird seed that pigeons won't eat, but some pigeons have avoided eating blac... Read More »

What kind of bird seed attracts rose breasted grosbeaks?

Rose-breasted grosbeaks are attracted to home bird feeders containing safflower, sunflower and niger (thistle seeds). They are also partial to corn and suet. The best feeder types for rose-breasted... Read More »

How to Keep Bird Seed Dry?

Is your bird seed wet all the time? Mine is. Here's how to keep it dry.