What is biometric fingerprinting?

Answer Every person's fingerprint features a unique design because of its ridges and patterns. Fingerprints are already used extensively by the police to identify people. In biometrics fingerprinting, ins... Read More »

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What is a biometric?

Some of your looks and behavior quirks are shared by people around you, but others are uniquely yours. Scientists can use these unique characteristics and behaviors, called your biometrics, to dist... Read More »

What is a forensic fingerprinting technique?

Forensic DNA fingerprinting is performed in a series of steps. First, DNA strands from a sample are cut into pieces using a restriction enzyme that cleaves the strands at specific locations. These ... Read More »

What Is a Biometric Test?

Biometrics refers to a technology that can identify an individual by recognizing a unique feature of their biology, such as a fingerprint, retina or voice pattern. A biometric test is a set of actu... Read More »

What is a biometric device?

As security is becoming more of a concern, our own biological characteristics may be the best method for securing information. Once a technology straight from science fiction stories, biometrics is... Read More »