What is biomedical cloning?

Answer Biomedical cloning is the cloning of cells used for medical research; stem cell research is heavily dependent on biomedical cloning for its efficacy. There are numerous benefits to biomedical cloni... Read More »

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What is a biomedical technician?

Biomedical technicians are trained to maintain and service medical equipment. They are most commonly employed by hospitals, the military, clinics and the private health sector.RegulationBiomedical ... Read More »

What is the Starting Salary for a Biomedical Technician?

The starting salary for a biomedical technician is approximately $40,000 per year, according to With a few years experience, biomedical technicians can expect to make more than $60,00... Read More »

What is DNA cloning?

DNA cloning is a scientific procedure used to reproduce an exact copy of DNA or DNA fragments. DNA cloning can be performed using two different techniques, cell-based DNA cloning or the polymerase ... Read More »

What is cloning a DVD?

DVDs once designed to be copy-proof are now easily duplicated using a personal computer with a DVD burner and the right software. While it is illegal to copy commercial DVDs to share with others, y... Read More »