What is biofiltration water treatment?

Answer Biofiltration refers to the practice of using a system of plants and soil to filter harmful pollutants from rainwater runoff.Low-Impact DevelopmentBecause it uses natural processes, biofiltration i... Read More »

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How to Build a Filter of Moss (Biofiltration for Aquaria)?

Propelling water through a lit filter with a bubble bar will remove ammonia and phosphate.

Why Don't Municipal Water Treatment Plants Use Distillation to Purify Water?

Distilling water ranks low on the list of public water treatment options because of its high energy usage, high cost and the amount of water wasted in the process. Approximately 5 gallons of water... Read More »

What is a membrane filtration water treatment?

Several types of water treatments use membranes to filter contaminants from water. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration are used to remove larger particles, such as sediment. Nanofiltration and reve... Read More »

What is coagulation in waste water treatment?

Coagulation in wastewater treatment refers to the process of suspended particles in the water coming together and settling. Adding an electrolyte to the water alters the electrical charge of the pa... Read More »