How to Stop Binge Drinking?

Answer While it may seem like a fairly harmless pastime, binge drinking has health and well being implications that make it far from safe. Binge drinking is the act of drinking a lot of alcohol over a sho... Read More »

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Is binge drinking considered alcoholism?

One simple thing: Dependancy. Alcoholics are dependent, they cannot function without it, they may break out into cold sweats and starting shaking if they don't drink. Ask yourself do you need anoth... Read More »

Who's going binge drinking with me after I deliver my baby?

I was pregnant on my 21st birthday. That didn't stop me from getting wasted. LOL J/K. I had no desire to drink while pregnant or for a long time after I had my son. It's hard to believe 20% of wome... Read More »

After how many days of binge drinking is alcohol detox necessary?

If you are addicted, all it takes is one day.

Which is worse, binge drinking or smoking weed?

I've actually researched it and i found weed is bad on the long term but if smoked on occasion isnt so bad.