What is bigger 1 gig or 16gb hdd?

Answer 16 gb hdd

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Is the 3g 16gb iphone bigger than the 8gb?

In terms of the amount of space on the phone, yes, the 16GB iPhone is larger than the 8GB. For the physical size of the phones, they are the same. Each is 4.5 inches high, 2.4 inches wide and 0.48 ... Read More »

Is a 16gb iphone bigger than a 4gb?

Which hard drive is bigger 256mb or 16gb?

Ok man, here's some computer 101...Bit - 0 or 1 (the smallest unit of computer memory)Byte - 8 bitsKilobyte - 1,000 bytesMegabyte - 1,000 kilobytesGigabyte - 1,000 megabytesTerabytes - 1,000 gigaby... Read More »

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