Recently had a dishwasher installed and now have an upstairs toilet that doesn't want to flush properly a lot of the time the water goes round and round but not down?

Answer Both dishwasher and toilet are sharing the same outlet pipe/drain it is possible when disahwasher is in use it is blocking of the drain somehow so the toilet water has nowhere to go - you need to h... Read More »

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How to Cook Beef Round Eye Round Steak?

When you learn how to cook round eye steak, you will cook it quite often. It's a delicious steak that makes its own gravy. Serve over mashed potatoes and you have an easy and quick way to make deli... Read More »

It's my round - What can I get you?

i`ll have abottle of miller lager and a packet of nuts please thank you xx you are a very kind person

What Is Top Round?

The top round part of beef cattle is on the inside of the rear leg of the animal. From there, the top round of beef is cut. It lacks the tenderizing and flavor that fatty marbling brings to a more ... Read More »

OK it` my round, i`m going to the bar what`s everyone having?

Mines a pint of cool Guiness since your asking. Thanks