What is bias tape used for?

Answer Tailors and quilters use bias tape, which is bias-cut, folded material in varying widths, to hide exposed, unfinished fabric edges. Bias tape adheres to both square and circular garments, finishing... Read More »

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Difference Between Twill Tape & Bias Tape?

Twill tape and bias tape are most often used for finishing garments. Bias tape is sewn around the edge of a garment, while twill tape is used to cover a seam inside a garment. Doe... Read More »

How to Use Bias Tape?

Many people make their own garments rather than buying them. Pieces of fabric for these garments must be cut to the proper shape and size. The cut edges of the fabric may be ragged and vulnerable t... Read More »

How do I cut bias tape for sewing?

Prepare the FabricPrewash and dry the fabric from which you plan to cut the bias tape. Lay it flat on your cutting surface, with the selvage (finished edge) to one side. Starting at the top corner ... Read More »

Tutorial on How to Make Bias Tape?

Bias tape gets its name from being cut on the bias. Fabric is cut at a 90 degree angle to the threads of the fabric on a bias. Fabric stretches more along the bias than in any other direction, so ... Read More »