What is better for you , Weed or cigerettes?

Answer Fresh airSmoking cannabis and tobacco both cause you to inhale toxic chemicals which can cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, impair your lung defences and make you more prone ... Read More »

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What is better Pepsi or Root Beer?

What Can You Put in Beer to Make it Taste Better?

For some, the bitter taste of beer is enough to make them put down the frothy mug in favor of a more flavorful beverage. But when beer is a must (think "Oktoberfest"), adding other ingredients to a... Read More »

What beer goes better with eggplant parmesan: imperial stout or Belgian white ale?

Belgian whiteWhite/wheat beers go better with veggie-based dishesStouts go better with more meaty dishes

Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?

If you think weed is worse than alcohol and the only reason you can give to back that up is the fact that weed is illegal, then you are definitely retarded. If you look at how both effect you physi... Read More »