What is better to put on and infected cut?

Answer Go with peroxide

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Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?

My cut is infected, what do I do?

You can try soaking it in warm water with a bit of salt for 15 minutes at a time 4 times a day. Wash it gently with soap, and pat it dry. If it is red around the edges and smelling bad, odds are ... Read More »

I have an infected cut, what do I do?

Put hydrogen proxide on it--- if it fizzes and stings it means a) that its working and b) its REALLY infected.... after that dab it dry (around it only so the bandaid will stick)... then put neospo... Read More »

Is my cut infected What should i do?

necrotizing fasciatus ( flesh eating bacteria ) . so long arm or leg .