What is better to get if you don't have internetA PS vita 3G or PS vita wi-fi?

Answer If you don't care at all about any of the online functionality, then you'd be better off with the cheaper wi-fi Vita. If you do want to go online with the Vita, then you'd need the 3G version, but ... Read More »

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How do you connect your ps vita to your tv?

How much does a Vita Mix cost?

The Vita Mix 5200, the latest in a range of food processors, runs about $450 at the manufacturer's website. It features a wet blade container, an easy-to-remove two-part lid and a cooler, more effi... Read More »

How to Write a Vita?

A curriculum vita (also called a vita, or CV) is similar to a resumé, but it is more extensive and detailed, and is usually used in academic careers and hiring in place of a resumé. A well though... Read More »

Problem using PS Vita?

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