What is better to get adopted or do Independent living?

Answer While I can't speak from experience: I'd say adoption. You don't stop needing a family just because you turn 18. If the faucet is leaking water everywhere... it's nice to be able to call up dad an... Read More »

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Independent Living Projects?

An unfortunate aspect of modern society is that older citizens, who in the past would have stayed with their family as they got older, are often now placed in retirement or nursing homes. If you ar... Read More »

Independent Living Skills for Adults?

Before people can live successfully on their own, they need to acquire independent living skills. Young people going to college or getting their first apartments, as well as adults with disabilitie... Read More »

Independent Living Programs for Teens?

In today's evolving world with constant technological breakthroughs, breaking free from the comforts of your parents' home and living independently can be a scary process. Teenagers who are old eno... Read More »

Independent Living Activities for Students With Disabilities?

A goal of any child with a disability is to live as independently as possible. Children with intellectual disabilities can sometimes live alone, and teaching them how to negotiate situations they w... Read More »