What is better the apple iPad 2 or the samsung galaxy tab 2?

Answer last I checked, no they will not change out the glass. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch for 'how to' guides on doing it yourself. You can also check online sites such as Craigslist ... Read More »

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What is the main difference between an apple ipad mini and a samsung Galaxy note 10.1?

Because those two are different Brand...the one and only reason apple cost higher and samsung cost less.If you use u cant find any extra new feature.

I was planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 a couple weeks ago but now that Apple beat Samsung would it be wise?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is not in the list of Apple's Ban of Samsung Smartphones. But Galaxy S2 is in the list. Apple told the court to Ban the production of 14 particular Samsung Smartphones including G... Read More »

IPad v Samsung Galaxy tab 2?

Ipad is the best choice, you get what you pay for.If you want the best around, go to Apple.

Is Samsung Galaxy tab is best than ipad 2?

It comes in only two colours: black and white. But they look pretty nice with the smart cover which comes in a lot of different colours!