What is better PS3 or XBOX 360 and how many GB do i really need?

Answer Well what do you want from your console? If you want a good motion control system, them Xbox is good. Also both consoles have games that are exclusive to them. Psn is free and Xbox live is not. But... Read More »

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Are Xbox games compatible with the new Xbox 360 What is the best place to buy a Xbox 360?

Here's a list from the site:…It says it was updated last in August so there may be a more up to date list somewhere, but this is official.As far a... Read More »

Is PS2 or Xbox better?

On One Hand: Xbox SuperiorIn a 2001 GamesFirst! editorial, Shawn Rider writes that Microsoft's Xbox has a superior hardware configuration, graphics and controller while Sony's PlayStation 2 "has in... Read More »

Which is better: PS2, Wii, or Xbox?

On One Hand: Games AvailableThe Playstation 2 and Xbox have much larger game libraries available among the three, with the PS2 having the largest. The Wii's list of third-party games is small by co... Read More »

How to Get Better Connection on Xbox?

Using a gaming console like Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 for online gaming is a popular activity in many households. However, the frustration involved in a slow or constantly dropping connection c... Read More »