What is better than rock salt for melting ice?

Answer Rock salt (sodium chloride) is commonly used to melt snow and ice. However, it can be more of a hazard than a help. There are several other chemicals that can be used to melt ice.Efficiently Melt... Read More »

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Where do you get the salt to put in a 20K gallon pool in El Paso since rock salt is not supposed to be used?

Which is better for melting ice: road salt or sand?

Road salt will melt ice; sand will not. Sand is used as an abrasive material for traction on roads but it does not work for melting ice on roads or sidewalks.References:U.S. Roads: Using Salt and S... Read More »

Does iodized salt melt ice faster than rock salt?

Iodized salt has no advantage over rock salt in melting ice and is usually available only in fine, granular form. Iodized salts are added as a dietary supplement to table salt to provide iodine, a ... Read More »

Which is purer: rock salt or table salt?

Rock salt is the common name for the mineral halite, which comes from large, natural salt deposits. Table salt is rock salt that has been processed and refined for human consumption, making it pure... Read More »