What is better shut down or stand by?

Answer What is betterSleeping or SittingShutdown means Sleeping.Stand by means Sitting.I dont think I can answer you in better way.You decide what is your need this is same with computer

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Is it better to shut down pc when not in use or leave running?

definetly save energy buy shutting it down. This also allows windows to do it's maintenance more often when it shuts down and reboots. You won't have as much junk in Temp files. shutting down al... Read More »

Is it better to leave my computer on all day or to shut it of when im down?

My desktop has been on for 4 years with no sleep and only shut off with updates. Not a big deal either way.

What do i do if my computer will not shut down?

How come my abs look better when i lay down than when i stand up?

When you lay down, gravity pulls back your skin so your muscles show. More cruches = 4 pack standing up