What kid's TV show in japan features three kids training to be ninjas?

Answer Naruto

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How to Play Screaming Ninjas?

Screaming Ninjas is a game that is similar in style to Duck Duck Goose, but with much more flexibility, creativeness, and fun. Images and video to come!

What is the mayor's name on the Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?

The mayor in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World is Carlos, and he's been a staple of the popular ride since 1973. However, he's undergone a face lift of sorts since then. In 2006, th... Read More »

I have a pirate party next month, what did pirates drink?

now you know it's rum, you have the choice ofrum & cokerum & gingerrum on the rocksrum & lemonaderum & blackcurrant (also good for colds!)rum & coffeerum & coff + liqueurrum neat!also suggestblack... Read More »

What is your favorite moment from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series?

I love the beginning of At Worlds End when they are all singing before being hanged. I constantly sing that song every once in a while without even realizing it.But my all time favorite moment is E... Read More »