What is better linux, windows or mac ?

Answer My opinion is set in concrete Linux.Reliability/StabilityThe majority of Linux variants and versions are notoriously reliable and can often run for months and years without needing to be rebooted.S... Read More »

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Which is better, Windows, Linux or Mac?

Which is better A F1 Ferrari, a minibus or a family saloon. Depend what you need it for. Similar with computers Windows is far and away the best system for the everyday user who does not want to ... Read More »

Linux or windows which is better and why?

For gaming there is XPFor everything else there is LinuxWhy Linux is Better thoroughly recommend two Linux distros.Linux Mint 9 Main Edition which is based upon Ubu... Read More »

Which is better Linux or Windows?

Depends how you define better.Easy of software installation, runs the most stuff and the most up to date stuff: Windows.Security, stability and flexibility: Linux.You can run both on a PC and give... Read More »

<<<<CONTROVERSY OF THE DAY>>>>LINUX VS. WINDOWS> which is better>>><>>>?

The honest answer is whichever suits the needs of the individual user in question better.That's not a funny answer, but it's the truth. The OS Holy Wars tend to lose sight of that basic fact.