What is better ipad2 or the new iPad?

Answer Of course, in computer terminology, the obsolete model is always better. That's why they stop selling it. They are working backwards in technology. The iPad 4 will be a direct copy of the Apple New... Read More »

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What is better ipad or ipad2?

ipad 2 doh. it has a better processor and better graphics and everything.

What is difference iPad and iPad2?

ipad 2 is thinner and has more things

What are the comparisons between ipad2 and iPad 3?

What is the difference between an ipad2 and a iPad 3?

maybe it's similar but have big difference is screen The iPad 3 has a 1080p HD video camera with much better optics, a new processor with a dedicated dual core video section, a new 'Retina' displa... Read More »