What is better for you , Weed or cigerettes?

Answer Fresh airSmoking cannabis and tobacco both cause you to inhale toxic chemicals which can cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, impair your lung defences and make you more prone ... Read More »

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Can you throw away your cigerettes?

It's really hard to understand if you're NOT addicted to cigarettes or inclined to smoke.I'm 44. The generation before mine didn't think anything of the dangers of smoking. Most of them are dead no... Read More »

What happens when you quit smoking cigerettes?

Nicotine is highly addictive. Though quitting is profoundly good for your health, once someone is hooked, quitting brings with it serious symptoms of withdrawal.IrritabilityAnxiety and irritability... Read More »

Do Electronic cigerettes help you lose weight?

Smoking 5 packs of cigerettes a week. ?

Terrible. I think http://stopsmoking-a-new-approach.blogsp… may help you.