What is better for a sore throat Hot or Cold?

Answer Sore throats are an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lower pharynx. Tonsils and the soft palate may also be inflamed. The main indication of a sore throat is pain when swallowing an... Read More »

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What's better for a sore throat, hot or cold?

If you have sore throat sight fever coughing all the time and it hurts don't want to eat eyes are burning and a cold sore what do i have?

Could be TB or mono, see your doctor.Its most likely a virus, laryngitis. But it could be strep. Doesn't sound like mono but you should get tested anyway, see your doctor asap.

I currently have a cold. Sore throat blocked nose aching limbs. What is the best way to get rid of it?

1. Take antioxidant vitamins and/or foods BEFORE you get sick, to be strong at not going down.2. "Starve a cold, feed a fever". However, water and fluids are mandatory. Drink plenty of water. Mom's... Read More »

How to Make a Whiskey Terminator for a Sore Throat or Cold?

Feeling holiday stress turning into that dreaded, poorly-timed "Murphy's Cold"? "Great...just in time for me to be sick so I can enjoy sharing it with everyone, ick." Try this potent concoction of ... Read More »