What is better for a cut/scrape Peroxide or alcohol?

Answer If it were me, I'd go with peroxide out of your two choices. I've never had peroxide sting, but alcohol does. Both kill bacteria. My personal choice would be to wash with good ol' soap and water... Read More »

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Should I use alcohol or peroxide for my scratch?

The peroxide has a cleansing effect, just quit using it when it starts to heal, it can also clean away the new skin tissues prolonging the healing.Just keep the injury clean with soap and water, an... Read More »

How di I decide when to use peroxide or alcohol, what is the difference?

alcohol is a topical disinfectant while peroxide bubbles out the junk from the inside. If you have an infected cut or piercing, you should use peroxide as it will get the infection deep down. If yo... Read More »

Is hydrogen peroxide better than alcohol for cuts bug bites and scrapes?

Peroxide kills some of the germs, but it also destroys the edges of the wound so it prolongs healing. The best way to clean a wound is to irrigate it with sterile saline solution, pat dry and then... Read More »

My Hemerrhoids have burst in the bathtub should i apply peroxide or rubbing alcohol?

I don't mean to take your pain lightly, but that's f***in' hilarious