What is better for a TV hookup composite cable or component cable?

Answer Component caries a better picture but you will need 2 extra cables for the audio.

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S-Video or Composite Cable, Component Cable?

To understand this answer you need to know that a video signal is comprised of Luminance (brightness/contrast and sync, abbreviated to Y) and Chrominance (the three colours - Red, Green and Blue, a... Read More »

Can you connect your component cable with your t.v which has a composite input?

and my composite cable is a phono cable n the cable is for my ps3

Which cable delivers a higher quality PICTURE, a component video cable or an s-video cable?

Component is the best choice. Component supports progressive scan and Enhanced Definition (EDTV- 480p) and High Definition (HDTV- 720p, 1080i) S-video will give you a decent picture but it will not... Read More »

Which is Better, a DVI Cable Hookup or HDMI Cable Hookup?

On One Hand: DVI is CheaperBecause the DVI protocol is slightly older than its successor, HDMI, DVI cables can often be less expensive than HDMI cables, which tend to run about $10 more. This is th... Read More »