What is better for Schizophrenia Niacin or Niacinimide?

Answer Plenty of studies have been done on it - I doubt either will help, I'm sorry.…Should you decide to try it*, be aware that it will give you a "hot flash" th... Read More »

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What is niacin flush?

Niacin is a B vitamin that is commonly used to help lower cholesterol. A niacin flush is a common side effect of the vitamin and is not harmful. Many people, however, quit taking niacin because of ... Read More »

How to Use Niacin in a Sauna?

It's an ancient ritual with just a little twist: using heat to purify the body, such as the American Indians practiced in the sweat lodge. Modern versions supplement the detoxification with niacin.... Read More »

Can I take Magnesium and Niacin While i have a UTI?

Should have no issues. Good for taking Magnesium- most people these days are deficient at the cellular level and never know it. Great supplement, maybe the most important one.

How to Tell if You Have Schizophrenia?

Are you worried you might have schizophrenia? If you think you do, then please consult a physician(psychiatrist).Here are some general tips to help you.