What is better for HD gaming Component cables or an HDMI cable?

Answer Component Cables should be used only when an HDMI connection is not available. You made the question harder to answer by making your component cables higher quality sounding than you did the HDMI. ... Read More »

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HDMI or HD/AV component cables for gaming?

Component is said to only go up to 1080p - however, most of the time this isn't the case, and the 1080p is worse quality, so it's typically dumbed down to 720p or 1080i. Also many HDTV's or media p... Read More »

How do i convert my playstation 3 HDMI cable to Component cables?

You can buy a set of Component Video cables for the playstation 3, it is how I have mine connected.Converting HDMI to component is not simply done with a cable, if you had no Component Video inputs... Read More »

Is it better to use a hdmi cable or component video cables to connect hdcable to lcd tv?

HDMI cables will always give a better picture, highly recommend!!!

Is there adapters for component cables to hdmi cables?

Analog component signals are completely different to digital HDMI. There is no simple adaptor cable because the analog signals require processing to convert to digital. There are converter units th... Read More »