Simpson's ,futurama , family guy ,south park which is the best?

Answer simpsons is my number one favorite, my least favorite is south park, i think family guy is my second favorite, but some times it gets a little over the limit..

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Best cartooon show you have every watched...not including Simpons,family guy,futurama,and american dad?

How to Draw Fry from Futurama?

Here are the basic steps on how to draw Fry of Futurama. Enjoy!

Futurama or the simpsons?

Kiss my shiny metal a s s, Fallen From Grace! Futurama!!

Why did futurama cancelled again?

Comedy Central decided not to pick up the show again. They site low number of viewers (comparatively) but "insiders" have been quoted as saying that further reasons were, bad time slot(s), bad mar... Read More »