What is better: dvi or vga cables?

Answer On One Hand: VGA Offers High QualityVGA, short for Video Graphics Array, offers an analog video connection between a computer and a monitor. According to the Australian video reference website Whi... Read More »

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Which has better sound output: hdmi cables or optical cables?

Optical cables (and digital coaxial cables) are capable of all the audio formats supported by DVD-Video.That includes 1.5 Mbps dts, 448 Kbps Dolby Digital and Linear PCM stereo tracks up to 24-bit/... Read More »

Why are HDMI cables better than component cables?

HDMI cables are not better than component cables. They are different and the HDMI interface provides features that are not available on analog component interfaces. HDMI absolutely does not automat... Read More »

Is hdmi cables better then compenent cables?

Yes and No.Yes for a digital TV like most HDTV's sold today (LCD,Plasma,DLP,and LCoS) Then the answer is yes.Yes and no for Analog TV's using Picture tubes (CRT). These older TV don't have the abil... Read More »

Are hdmi cables better than component cables?

On One Hand: HDMI Uses a Digital SignalHDMI cables and component video cables both provide a high-definition video signal. However, HDMI cables send data through a digital signal, while component c... Read More »