What is better cable or dish television?

Answer Depends on the Cable company, if it has Sucky Customer Service, sometimes that can be as annoying as the Dish's Sucky reception when it rains or there's bad weather. I've done Satellite twice and r... Read More »

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Which is better for viewing quality pictures to install on you laptop.. windows television with cable or the windows television software only without cable?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to know the best way to watch TV on your Windows laptop. I'm not sure if you are inquiring about a Cable TV subscription or cable connector. In an... Read More »

What is a better value cable tv or dish tv?

We pride ourselves in providing the best value in the industry for TV service. You can go to our website at DISH Network to see our promotions available to new customers. You can also find informat... Read More »

What is better direct tv dish or Time Warner cable?

Satellite TV is almost always better than cable.

Which is a better satellite television provider Dish or Direct TV?

They are both good providers and it is more a matter of preference. I enjoy the Direct TV for the quality of their customer service. Look at both companies packages and see which one is best for you.