What is better, an Intel Dual or an AMD Athlon X2 processor?

Answer On One Hand: Intel Dual Processors Score StrongIntel Dual Processors score well in tests--in a long test by X Bit Labs, the Intel finished as the top overall processor in almost every category. The... Read More »

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What is the amd athlon tm x2 dual-core processor?

AMD's Athlon architecture was the most important processor design in the company's history. While the original Athlon debuted in 1999 it has been given many updates since its introduction including... Read More »

What is an Intel dual core processor?

Most computer processors sold today are dual cores, and Intel sells more of them than anyone else. Modern dual core processors have incredible performance, and advances in technology are making the... Read More »

Is A Processor Such as the AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual-Core CPU still good for gaming?

Yeah it can, but you would probably have to lower the resolution, thus taking away from the full gaming experience. Plus your other components will have a hand in your performance, such as your ra... Read More »

What is an Intel Pentium dual-core processor?

The Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor is a computer processor that runs two processor cores in one package at the same frequency. A dual core processor is faster and more efficient than a tradition... Read More »