Wich movie was better twilight or harry potter?

Answer for the movie harry potter was much betterbut for the books TWILIGHT!!!

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Teens, what series do you prefer Harry Potter or Twilight?

Twilight doesn't compare to Harry Potter. That film is just bullshnitz. Harry Potter hands down.

Film Survey: Twilight, Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?

I speak for six individuals... (21 year old male, 21 year old male, 21 year old female, 18 year old female, 46 year old female, 46 year old female.)Four prefer The Lord of the RingsTwo prefer Harry... Read More »

Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Lord of the Rings: what is your favorite saga?

I would not refer to the Twilight series as a saga in any way, shape or form.I'm afraid that I would have to say Harry Potter, as I grew up with it in a way unlike any other series and watched it e... Read More »

Twilight names vs. Harry Potter names, this or that?

I think it's going to be pretty obvious which series I prefer once I'm through with this, haha:• Harry or Edward ~ HARRY ~ I have always liked Harry, as a nickname for Henry or just on its own. I... Read More »