What is better HDMI or DVI?

Answer There's a couple of differences.1) Both can use 1080p standards but the maximum of each is different. HDMI is 4096×2160 and DVI is 3,840 × 2,400. As both are digitial the image should look the sa... Read More »

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Have laptop w/ HDMI out. is do I get better quality to HDTV w/ HDMI or is it the same as DVI+audio cable?

In terms of video HDMI and DVI are the same. There is no quality difference between the two.In terms of audio, HDMI can do modern HD audio formats like DTS HD and Dolby True HD. Most of your comp... Read More »

Hdmi vs. component cables how much better is hdmi?

sirbobx has it mostly right.hdmi Carry's a separate signal encoded to stop video is also a compacted form of carrying the digital form of rgb/ypbpr component with my opinion the ... Read More »

What better an hdmi cored or a componet cable?

What is better for HD gaming Component cables or an HDMI cable?

Component Cables should be used only when an HDMI connection is not available. You made the question harder to answer by making your component cables higher quality sounding than you did the HDMI. ... Read More »