What is better Corsair TX750 v2 or Antec TP750?

Answer They are both very good PSUs, but Antec's TruePower 750 is slightly better than Corsair's TX750.Corsair's PSU quality goes CX

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Does The Corsair TX750 V2 Can Handle SLI?

Yes it will handle sli'd 660ti's fine. The TX750 is a solid PSU.

What is Antec DF-30 and DF35?

They are computer cases:……

What power supply does an Antec Three Hundred ATX case have?

The Antec Three Hundred ATX Computer Case does not come with a power supply. The power supply is a separate product. The case does come with a power supply bottom mount.References:Micro Center: Thr... Read More »

Haf 932 Vs. Antec 1200?

The HAF 932 and the Antec 1200, or Antec Twelve Hundred, are desktop computer cases from Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master and American PC components maker Antec, respectively.... Read More »