What is best you think , Tea or Coffe ?

Answer Coffee is really good, but I prefer to drink tea because it has more health benefits.

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What does coffe taste like?

Coffee tastes like a bitter drink and it does not taste that sweet. It will only taste sweet if you add sugar or cream to it. The taste also depends on what kind of coffee it is since there are man... Read More »

What is better for you tea coffe or hot chocolate?

~~Health wise and calorie savings, tea is better. For my happiness and cozy moment, it is definitely hot chocolate!~~

What is a coffe lounge?

Mexico City would qualify as such.

How do you make iced coffe?

If you have a coffee maker that would be best, but instant will do as well. Just make your coffee in the maker according to the way you always do, then let it cool. Fill a tall glass with icecubes,... Read More »