What is best way of having river look blue in photo?

Answer You need to understand that water isn't naturally blue on it's own. It only gets that way from reflections from a clear blue sky. So you will need to have some blue sky reflected in the water. T... Read More »

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What Colors Look Best on Redheads With Blue Eyes?

Most people choose makeup based on their skin tone, hair color or eye color. When you have a distinctive hair and eye color combination like red hair and blue eyes, it can be difficult to know whic... Read More »

Do you ever look in the mirror and think ohh yeahh but then look at photo and its like what the hell?

In addition to this, did u know you can take two mirrors, put them in 90 degree angles, and when you look down in the center, it shows the non reversed you. So you can see yourself if you came face... Read More »

How to Extract an Image From One Photo, Insert It Into Another Photo and Make It Look Realistic?

Modern photo editing tools allow users to create digital photographs that are vastly different from the original images. With the correct conditions, you can even extract an object or image from on... Read More »

What excuse can you give for not having a facebook photo?

erm...your account got hacked you had to change ur password but ur pics got deleted